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Supplying quality medicines since 2019

Who we are


European Medical International Ltd (EMI) is a complete and primary source of quality products comprised of prescription and over the counter pharmaceutical drugs, medicines, as well as medical and biomedical products other alternative healthcare products, complemented with reliable and efficient customer service. The products we supply are those approved by the top rated and approved manufacturers in the EU and US.

Today, EMI has expanded its presence in Estonia, Germany, Luxembourg, Hungary, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

EMI is also proud to be a long-standing partner of ASLEK – an Epilepsy Awareness Foundation for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Reliability, Quality, Safety and Customer Satisfaction are the 4 principles for EMI thanks to which it has been successful in all these years to position itself on the international market as one of the most important companies active in the wholesale distribution of custom designed & branded prescription and over the counter pharmaceutical drugs, medicines as well as medical and biomedical products and other alternative healthcare products.

our services

  • We are a wholesaler of quality European and/or US medicines in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • We organise the end-to-end logistics for importing medicines as per clients needs.
  • We provide consulting on the choice of medicines for the local retailers and NGOs.
  • We can provide custom design packaging for our clients.
  • For our long-term partners we provide supply chain financing.

our mission

To be the partner of choice for complete and primary source of quality products comprised of prescription and over the counter medicines and other alternative healthcare products & medical and biomedical products and equipment, complimented with reliable and efficient customer centred service.

To earn the distinction of being a byword organization in the medical and healthcare industries, and thus, become a source of pride for its customers, business partners, shareholders, and employees.

our vision

To maintain leadership in the distribution of high-quality yet affordable medicines and other alternative healthcare products, by always preserving the availability of its stocks, and by sustaining its competent and dependable customer service.

To enable and increase  access to quality healthcare services through supply of quality pharmaceutical medicines of assured quality in the Sub-Saharan Africa region. EMI approach is to deal with barriers to accesses to essential medicines including rising prices, persisting shortage and stock-outs; and increasing numbers of substandard and falsified medical products.

To assist its clients design, create, and develop their own brand of medical supplies, which can be marketed regionally by ensuring competitive quality and pricing.

To provide its employees with a well-defined career advancement and other opportunities, fair and just compensation and benefits, as well as adequate and effective training in human resources development.

To be a well-managed organization that uses tested and effective business processes through the latest in information technology.

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Telephone: +243 906 006 060